Friday, 3 February 2017

Age of Sigmar #10 - More Wishlists!

I overheard an interesting conversation between a few hobbyists earlier this week in my local GW. If you had unlimited funds what would you buy from new armies to completing a collection so long as you would actually see use? Naturally as I so often do I began to wishlist for several armies that I know I can't have right now but would be able to buy because of the criteria of the question. I have stuck to 1000 point armies once again as that is my favourite size of game for Age of Sigmar.

Eldritch Council
This list is pure frustration that Age of Sigmar still does not have a new Aelven faction to play, hopefully 2017 will be the year that GW updates the smaller factions or the races they have yet to feature. I always liked the aesthetic of the Swordmasters even though the rest of the old High Elf range drove me nuts! There is something quite appealing about heavily armoured Aelves swinging around a Great Sword that looks to be the same size as the user.

Archmage on Dragon
10 Swordmasters
10 Swordmasters
10 Swordmasters

Swordmasters, taken from the Swordmasters warscroll
Clans Eshin
Recently I saw a battle report on Warhammer TV where a Verminlord Deceiver teleported across the board and began to rip apart a squad of something that I cannot recall... or the Verminlord itself was ripped apart, I can't remember. Either way the idea of ninja Skaven skulking through the mortal realms behind the lines of Sigmar's forces striking where needed to remove whats needed seems like a really cool theme for an army to me.

Verminlord Deceiver
Skaven Assassin
20 Night Runners
20 Night Runners
15 Gutter Runners

Skaven Assassin, taken from the Skaven Assassin warscroll
This is a list I have wanted to try for quite a while now, I know how great horde armies do in 1000 point games but as of now I have yet to experience playing with a very small but elite list. At only 11 models this would be quite a fun project for a week off work.

Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon
5 Blood Knights
5 Blood Knights

Blood Knights, taken from the Blood Knights warscroll
This list is inspired by an army I played in 2016's Season of War, it was the only army my Nighthaunt host had a problem with killing. I don't know if it was bad luck on the day or if Ogors are really as tough as they look but its definitely something I would like to try very soon. Once again being a rather low model count I can foresee this being a fun force to put together over a week of rest.

6 Ogors
3 Leadbelchers
6 Ironguts

Ironguts, taken from the Ironguts warscroll
Well that's another 4 armies that I could see myself collecting for Age of Sigmar, very soon I'll have a list for every possible faction most likely.

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