Tuesday, 31 January 2017

January 2017 Hobby Round-up or: How I Learned to Stop Procrastinating and Love the Brush

Anybody that knows me knows that painting aspect of wargaming is probably the part of the hobby I enjoy the least. To work towards completing my 2017 hobby resolutions I have just had to push myself to paint and to my own surprise (and my friends), I have really enjoyed it. The feeling of accomplishment due to finishing a unit of models is something I've not felt in such a long time that it has become almost addictive. Let's hope I keep it up!

This month I made a start on 1000 points of Deathrattle for Age of Sigmar, Completing 42 out of 77 models for the army and beating my goal of a model a day in January of 31. The first photo below is of my converted Wight King with Infernal Standard. He was made using the previously available Wight King from Forge World, I really like the original model but I feel the banner he originally was holding did not fit the theme of my skeletal legion. 
The next photo shows my converted Necrotect, I really like this unit supporting my Deathrattle army as its in-game abilities are really useful though I was stuck thematically as the official model before the range was removed by GW was a mummy. 5 short minutes later I had this thematically fitting conversion that I'm really happy with (and will probably make a second of).


Below are two blocks of 20 Skeleton Warriors armed with Swords and Shield. You will notice that they are a mix of the Vampire Counts Skeleton Warriors box and the old Tomb Kings Skeleton Warriors box. Before it went out of production I bought up as many of these boxes and other local hobbyists spare shields as I could, I much prefer the legionary look of these shields and icons in comparison to the rag-tag look of the VC shields and torn standards.


Plans for February
With February being a relatively short month in comparison to others my goal is 28 models. Going ahead I have 35 more models to add to the Deathrattle I painted this month to complete the army so I feel this is a workable goal. Alternatively I did get quite the haul of LotR SBG minis for Christmas 2016 and would like to start to make a dent to the crate of mini's I have in the backlog for LotR.

LotR SBG backlog crate

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