Sunday, 18 September 2016

Lord of the Rings SBG #2 - Dwarf Showcase

Recently I got back one of my LotR armies from a friend that so kindly offered to paint for me. This force was the first one I collected after coming back to LotR SBG early last year. The basis of this army was inspired by the example 500 point army using the Durin's Folk selections from the Khazad-Dum sourcebook. It was easy to expand from that example list by adding in the few left over models from the Warriors box and some other command models like the Horn Blower and the legendary Gimli son of Gloin.
Hopefully, soon I will have my Moria Goblins finished so I can run some games pitting the two forces against each other for the dominion of some Dwarven Hold.

Command Group, Dwarf King, Gimli and Bodyguard
I have split the force up into 4 groups to use on the tabletop. The Command group will be flanked on both sides by Group 1 and 2 whilst the Support group lay down supporting fire with the Ballista from a point of high ground.

Group 1, including Dwarf Captain and Standard Bearer

Group 2, including extra archer support

Support Group, including Horn Blower

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