Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Frostgrave #2 - Checklist!

As a sort of side project for whenever I want to build or paint something that isn't Age of Sigmar related I'm going to be working on building a gaming kit that will enable my local group to play Frostgrave. I bought this ruleset on its release and although I've been itching to play did nothing with it which I really regret.

Before I get to creating warbands I'm going to build literally everything else needed to play Frostgrave as everybody who wargames have a handful of fantasy mini's so they really aren't the priority. After a thorough read of the main rulebook, I made myself a checklist of scenery and monsters I'll need to play everything in the book.

To-do checklist
I managed to print it off in A3 to stick up on my wall to keep me progressing. Now to start checking items off!

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