Friday, 5 August 2016

Bolt Action #1 - Returning for 2nd Edition

Bolt Action was the game that brought me back to the world of wargaming after a few year hiatus almost 4 years ago. I had not thought of anything to do with the hobby till I mistakenly found it while searching the web about the second world war.
I read up on it and liked what I saw so I ordered the Assault on Normandy box set to my student digs and got cracking with wargaming the second world war.
With a new edition of the rule set being released in September, iv'e decided to take another crack at Bolt Action but this time in 15mm. In the few games of Bolt Action, I did get to play the one thing that bugged me was the scale of it. Warlord has done a great job in creating multi-part plastic kits for tonnes of the armies but I just prefer to wargame historical games in a smaller scale.

So to be ready for this new edition I want to have ready a small US force ready to take the war to the Germans. This 750 (745) point list using the generic Reinforced Platoon is my recon themed force who are the vanguard of the Allied advance through France and Europe. I'm in no way an expert in Platoon structure but using the parameters the game allows I feel this list would work ok in a recon role.

I have had the models to do this in this scale for quite a while and it was my active project for about a week before Age of Sigmar took over my life but after the trailer for Nolan's upcoming Dunkirk being my highlight of the Suicide Squad midnight release I just got the itch to pick up the project again.

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