Sunday, 14 August 2016

Age of Sigmar #5 - Slaves of Shyish

The first ever army I collected when getting into the hobby over a decade ago was Bretonnia for Warhammer Fantasy. Growing up playing mainly Age of Empires the Knights of the Realm were the obvious choice for a young inspired newbie.
With the destruction of the world that was my beloved Bretonnia no longer exists and this leaves me with a pile of models that I have no use for. My friend rob has been pushing me into using them for Age of Sigmar so he can paint them for me but I had until this evening been hesitant as I didn't feel like they fit into the Age of Sigmar world.
I finally came up with a theme that I feel fits the fluff of AoS. The Lords, Damsels and Paladins are vampires leading a coven of humans who wish to become Vampires. The Knights are these humans wishing to become Vampires and so fight for the Coven Lord to prove their worth and right to ascension. The Peasants are organised into Herds of humans kept alive only for their blood when needed these herds are organised to fight using Longbows and Polearms. The Battle Pilgrims are now Vampires that have fallen out of favour with their lord and are forced to battle with awful weaponry hopefully trying to regain the favour of their lord. Finally, the Green Knight is now The Undying, First Vampire of Shyish an immortal warrior that is now a part of Shyish itself coming forth to destroy the foes of the Realm of Death.


All of the Warscrolls are heavily influenced by the legacy Bretonnian scrolls. Let me know if you think anything is way too overpowered or if you have any cool ideas to add to the themes of these units or new units,

The Warscrolls were created using this Custom Warscroll Designer.


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