Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Age of Sigmar #1 - The Season Of War

Starting in a week or so is Games Workshops Season of War and with it 3 so called new ways to play Age of Sigmar. Now I don't have my General Handbook yet but via the multitudes of leaks I have been able to calculate a 1000 point Nighthaunt army to take part in my local GW's summer campaign.

Upon registering for the campaign you are given a small card to track your progress be it through gaming or hobby tasks. You also get a cool little badge to show which Grand Alliance you are a part of so naturally I took the Nagash badge. My girlfriend also registered and chose who I assume is an Alarielle badge.

Deciding to stay within the Nighthaunt allegiance I can make a legal army of just ghosts, which I'm quite excited for. Because of staying within the Nighthaunt allegiance Spirit Hosts become Battleline units. My 1000 points list is as follows.

1 Tomb Banshee
2 Cairn Wraiths
12 Spirit Hosts (2 groups of 6)
10 Hexwraiths

My Sigmar army since starting it in January has been neglected, I have barely painted any of it which works in my favour for gaining points in the campaign. I currently only have my Tomb Banshee and 3 Spirit Hosts close to being finished so it's going to be quite the push to finish these models at the rate I paint. Wish me luck!

This is the army as it sits today, it's not even fully built. My aim is to get it painted and based by the 7th of August for a 1000 point tournament at an LGS.

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