Sunday, 27 November 2016

Lord of the Rings SBG #3 - Fiefdom of Lamedon

This is actually a follow-up to an older blog post from a blog me and some friends ran for a brief time last year dedicated to restarting LotR SBG, Shadows Over Arda. In that blog, I explained that I was going to write rules and convert mini's for other factions not found or fully fleshed out by GW before they updated to their Hobbit set of SBG rules. Although I acknowledge that the Hobbit SBG update may have fixed several areas of the game that full-time players say improve on the LotR iteration, I just don't feel like dropping a load of money on new books anytime soon when I have the entire LotR SBG sourcebook and journey-book collection. (Plus I really dislike the Warband rules. Why does Aragorn or Sauron only have the ability to lead 12 soldiers? I prefer maybe 1 or 2 heroes per army, not armies full of named heroes with 12 guys each following them.)

Back to the subject at hand. My first attempt at writing new profiles for LotR SBG began with the southern fiefdom of Lamedon lead by Angbor the Bold. Games Workshop made a start with producing models for this any a few other of the fiefdoms of Gondor but this as with most of the other fiefdoms, only received one unit and one hero. Using these profiles as a basis I filled in a few blanks with profiles I felt fit the gaps to bring this force up to become an army of its own.

GW went the direction aesthetically of making Angbor and the Clansmen look like the traditional Braveheart Scotsman. My iteration of these models will continue this theme but also use models that would not look out of place in a 12th-century historical army to model the Men-at-Arms and other needed mini's as this is the era I feel most accommodates how I saw the armies of men in Middle Earth during the War of the Ring.

These are my rules for the Fiefdom of Lamedon;

Please leave any feedback regarding these profiles in the comments below!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Blood Bowl #1 - Pre-Season Preparation

On Friday I was lucky enough to have played a game of the new incarnation of Blood Bowl from Games Workshop. Unfortunately for me as I was entering the world of wargaming from what I remember, games such as Blood Bowl were on their way out and I only every got to play it two or three times. This is one of the many specialist games I have wanted to play for absolutely years, luckily I managed to get my hands on an unopened Battlefleet Gothic starter box last year and now I'm able to play another of these highly praised games that has been incredibly hard to find an affordable copy of. 

Blood Bowl 2016 starter box
Of that brief game of Blood Bowl, I was luckily allowed to play I was surprised to find how similar in almost 90% of the game was to the recent PC releases of Blood Bowl. I was aware they were close but not as similar as they actually turned out to be.

The Reikland Reavers (Human Starter Team)
I fully intend to get two lots of this Blood Bowl starter box as I would like to paint up the first as the intended teams from the box, The Reikland Reavers and The Gouged Eye. The second will be used to come up with my own teams.

From finishing the starter set my plan is to branch out with the Death Zone league rules and come up with some of my own teams to form a small league with. As more and more teams are released, such as the soon to be released Skaven team they can be added as they are acquired. From what I can infer from screenshots of the Death Zone contents page its looks like season 1 as GW are calling it will have a total of 8 teams which are as follows; Human, Orc, Skaven, Dwarf, Nurgle, High Elf, Wood Elf and Dark Elf which should ensure quite an exciting first run of the game.

The Gouged Eye (Orc Starter Team)